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Put Experience And Knowledge In Your Corner When Accused Of DUI

Facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania can be daunting. Mistakes could harm your future in many ways. Getting experienced guidance as soon as you can is critical.

Based in Beaver County, Benyo Law Office is ready to provide you with the immediate, dedicated support you need. Proceed with confidence with Gerald V. Benyo Jr. and his considerable experience fighting drunk driving charges at your side. His commitment to guiding, supporting and informing you at every step ensures you’re never in the dark about your case.

The Proven Advocate You Deserve

When your license, reputation, and freedom are under threat, you don’t just need a lawyer – you need a trusted defender. Attorney Benyo has been advocating for individuals accused of DUI and other criminal offenses for nearly 30 years. He has helped numerous clients see their charges reduced or dismissed.

Leveraging Powerful Knowledge For Your Case

Attorney Benyo goes above and beyond to expand his knowledge and stay on top of legal changes and trends, allowing him to provide powerful, robust DWI defense representation. He has twice completed this National Highway Traffic Safety Administration course for DUI Detection and Standard Field Sobriety Testing. This is the same training that Pennsylvania State Police and local law enforcement undergo. This gives him valuable insights for challenging DUI charges.

Attorney Benyo‘s professional memberships further reflect his commitment to DWI defense:

  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association
  • National College for DUI Defense
  • American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys

Harness Attorney Benyo‘s deep understanding of DUI law for your defense.

Exploring Every Option With A Thorough Approach

You deserve a DUI lawyer who meticulously examines every detail of your case to reveal what avenues are available for your defense. Attorney Benyo has the experience and knowledge needed to carefully:

  • Analyze the circumstances of your arrest
  • Look into whether the tests you were given followed the proper procedure
  • Review and evaluate evidence, including video footage and breath test results

He will use this thorough preparation as the foundation for tailored strategies aimed at reducing or dismissing your charges.

Personalized Attention At Every Step

DUI cases can be intricate. The right path forward isn’t always clear. With attorney Benyo, you’re assured hands-on support that consistently focuses on guiding you and protecting you. From start to finish, he is here for you.

Reach Out To A Trusted Advocate, Guide And Defender Today

When facing drunk driving charges, don’t delay in seeking the help you need. Attorney Benyo is here to provide you a strong, hands-on and knowledgeable defense. Call 724-302-4091 or email him now for a free consultation.